On 29-9-1927 CGEA became the Compagnie General Aeropostale (CGA). In the beginning of 1928 mail was traveling by fast dispatch boats across  the Atlantic.   The first airmail carried completely by air was Paris-Santiago in May 1930, by seaplane from Saint Louis-(Senegal) to Natal (Brazil), however, it was necessary to await more powerful and  dependable planes to enable regular crossings to be made.

All this sustained effort was eclipsed in public esteem by THE spectacular flight on 12/13 May 1930.  A Latecoere 28 seaplane, the Comic de la Vaulx, piloted by Jean Mermoz, with Jean Dabry as navigator, and Leopold Gimie as radio-operator, made the Atlantic crossing from Saint-Louis, Senegal, to Natal in 21 hr 15min. The difficulties of navigation, then a science still in its infancy, were taken in their stride.  The mail consignment from France on this flight left Toulouse at 06.10hr on Sunday.  11 May 1930, reached Rio de Janeiro at 13.00hr on Tuesday,13 May and was triumphantly delivered in Buenos Aires at 19.25 on Wednesday 14 May.  To this day, the flight, together with Menmoz’s esteem as a pilot, ranks in France as Lindbergh’s solo Atlantic flight ranks in the U.S. A. (Taken from Airlines of Latin America by R.E.G. Davies published by Putnam page 360).

In 1934 and after CGA. had been reorganized and re-named AIR FRANCE was it that L’arc-en-ciel succeeded in crossing the Atlantic with flying boats. At this time “fast dispatch boats” were no longer in service.

Paris flight connects in Marseilles to:

Dakar (North Africa)
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Santiago (Chile)

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English adhesives 193 and pair 200 both with HUTH perfins tied to cover by December 13, 1928 London cancels and additional 200 [without perfin] tied by December 14, 1928 cancel, By Air Mail label tied by Servico de Transportation Aero, February 2, 1929, Cartagena, Columbia [additional similar cancel on reverse] and Purple APARTADO cancel. Relatively early South American airmail service.

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Brasil adhesives 2x 1000Rs+1x500Rs+2x200Rs=2900Rs pays single letter rate to Hamburg Germany. Rio de Janeiro cds 11-11-1931 Marserlle cds on reverse 19-11-1931. Nice CGA cover.

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Swiss adhesives 1 x 2f + 1 x 50c pays the single letter rate to South America. Air France Zurich, Paris, Buenos Aires. Posted 6.19.37 (Sunday). Nice octogonal Telegraph cancel. Arival cancel 6.25.1937

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German adhesives pays 1.75 (front and reverse) comerical letter rate. Schwaan (Mecklb) cds 5-7-1935. DLH to France. Air France plane Santos Dumoont 8-7-1935 to Dakar Africa. Reference material not available on arrival.

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Brazialian adhesives 1 x 2000r + 1 x 500r + 1 x 300r pays the P.C. rate from Brazil to Europe. Bello Horizonte cds 19.5.1930, Purple oval cds “Aero” Rio de Janeiro cds 20.5.1930. CGA from Rio de Janeiro to Bilburg Holland. PC depicts Roseir Mil Maravil. Photographer J. Monteiro.

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Brizalian adhesives 1x1000r + 1x500r = 1500r special post card christmas rate to Paris France. Posted 18-12-1937 Rio de Janeiro, Dakar, Paris on plane Ville de Monteviden.

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